Honda CB 1300 X4

General information

Brand Honda
Model CB 1300
Fitting out CB 1300 (2007-12)
Category Naked
Start of production 2007
Late production 2012
Price from 10,300 € -franco dealer
Warranty n.d.
Optional n.d.

Length 2,200 mm
Width 790 mm
Height n.d.
Ground clearance n.d.
Seat height from floor MIN 790 mm
Seat height from floor MAX n.d.
Wheelbase n.d.
Dry weight 245 Kg
Kerb weight n.d.

Cubic capacity 1,284 cc
Engine type n.d.
Times 4
Cylinders 4
Cylinder layout Online
Arrangement of cylinders transversal
Tilt cylinders n.d.
Tilt cylinder V n.d.
Cooling in liquid
Goodwill electric
Power supply n.d.
Bore n.d.
Race n.d.
Clutch n.d.
Valve number n.d.
Distribution n.d.
Ride-by-Wire n.d.
Traction control n.d.
Engine maps n.d.
Power 116 HP -85 kw -7,500 rpm
Couple 12 kgm -117 nm -5,500 rpm
Emissions Euro 3
Nerfed No
Exchange type mechanic
Number of gears 5
Presence in reverse No
Average consumption VMTC n.d.
Fuel tank capacity 21 lt
Reserve fuel capacity n.d.
Final drive n.d.

 Cycle parts
Frame n.d.
Front suspension n.d.
Front axle travel n.d.
Rear suspension n.d.
Rear travel n.d.
Front brake type dual disc
Front brake size 310 mm
Rear brake type disc
Rear brake size 256 mm
Type of wheels n.d.
Wheel size front 17 inch
Front tire n.d.
Rear wheel size 17 inch
Rear tire n.d.

Battery n.d.
Capacity n.d.
Autonomy and duration n.d.
Secondary battery n.d.