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cb1300 forum: After freshening up the class, brought by the first hondacb1300, the category of mid-sized sports displacements continues. Struggle in Honda CB 1300 custom parts problems and their sales are not doing great.

That’s why new products in this category are extremely rare, and therefore newsworthy even the arrival of a new Kawasaki ZX-6R 2019 Edition (the PIC above refers to the model sold until 2016).

To reveal the arrival, after the first rumors of July, is the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that takes care of approvals in American territory. The communication comes in its periodic lists, the curious thing is that the document Kawasaki listing templates 2019, in which appears the ZX-6R, adds a note in which he asks not to disclose this information on the website of the institution until the date of 11 October, which coincides with the expiration of the embargo of the presentation of these first models 2019. Note that the NHTSA has considered (we don’t know if this request falls in the procedure) and so it turns out that the bike will always have 636 cc displacement and that its rated power 95 kW (129 HP) is 2 or less horsepower than its predecessor and this is due the adjustment of legislation Euro4 emission standards. The exhaust pipe for example now envisages a three-way catalytic converter instead of the previous oxidation catalyser. The weight with full passes instead from 194 to 196 kg.

Else at the moment it is unknown, but it is possible that the core chassis-engine has been simply evolved while there may be new in addition to aesthetics, so did such as Yamaha.
On the other hand the deadline of 2020, with the introduction of the legislation, will serve as a watershed and Euro5 from that year we get new engines and then new bikes; It means that for the next three seasons, including waivers, Euro4 will continue to be sold.
However we may be proved wrong by the contents of the new ZX-6R, and then we look at the date of the next Intermot in Cologne, early October.

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