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Honda CB1300 Specs

Here are the full Honda specs for the CB 1300 SUPER FOUR and CB1300 SUPER BOL D’OR models from 1998 to the current day

The above specifications remained the same for 1998 and 1999 model years. In January 2000, the wet weight rose from 273kg to 275kg and the dry weight rose from 249kg to 251kg. Castor angle was listed as 27 degrees and trail listed at 113mm 
In September 2000 the CB1300 SUPER FOUR was given the new HONDA BC-SC40 designation and wet weight fell from 275kg to 270kg, with dry weight falling from 249kg to 246kg. Fuel consumption was listed at a measured 23.5km per liter at a 60km/h constant. 

JANUARY 30TH 2003 

The CB1300 SUPER FOUR received the new designation HONDA BC-SC54. There was a 10mm increase in width, a 45mm increase in length, a 30mm shortening of the wheelbase and a gain of 5mm to the ride height. Wet weight fell from 270kg to 254kg with dry weight now at 226kg from the previous model’s 246kg. SC54E engine designation replaced the previous SC38E and fuel consumption rose to 25km per liter at a constant 60km/h. PGM-FI fuel injection was now fitted in place of carbs.

Oil capacity rose from 4.6 Litres to 4.8 Litres, and the Caster angle changed from 27 degrees to 25 degrees. Trail changed from 113mm to a new 99mm. Tires changed from 130/70 section fronts to 120 section/70 and from 62W to 58W ratings, whilst rears changed from 190/60 78W to 180/55 73W. 


These are the specifications for the HONDA CB1300 SUPER FOUR & HONDA CB1300 SUPER BOL D’OR MODELS


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